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Formed in 2008, marketing leading LED solution with end-to-end capabilities including: 
• Experienced R&D teams based in 
Australia and Hong Kong 
• Granted trademarks in 40+ areas worldwide 
• In-house specification and engineering delivers highest levels of product performance, technical support,             service and a warranty that has real meaning. 
• A strong focus on 


Joint — ventured with TEKNIK Australia in 2017 to form TEKNIK LUMAN Group (TLG) 
• Global Headquarter in Sydney, Australia 
• Sales/supporLng office in HK, Melbourne, Australia 
• R&D centre, factory in Shenzhen, China


• Formed in 2017, registered in Hong Kong and Australia 
• Part of one of Australia’s leading and most trusted groups 
• With over 1200 staff across Australia and New Zealand 
• Multiple awards for design and innovation in engineering and technologies


We strictly follow ISO9001:2015 for factory management, especially in QC flows. Most of the product testing such as the high/low temperature shock test, IP test, IES testing are conducted in-house, to ensure product compatibility and QC quality. 
Updated modern facilities in production such as the high-speed SMT machine, semi-auto production line, to ensure the capacity of production.

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