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The Optimus Pro high pole modular lighting series is a new type of sports lighting solution that can provide excellent lighting quality and support movie level TLCI lighting broadcasting standards for sports venues, reaching the Qa95 level.Optimus Pro is designed specifically for sports venues and multi-purpose venues. To ensure optimal use in multiple occasions, this series includes two versions of lens lighting; This version can also be used in conjunction with external electrical boxes, which can be used independently in a distance from the lamp body; It can also be pre installed on the lamp body. In addition, flexible adjustment of angles between modules can be achieved to achieve the optimal lighting range.

Optimus Pro
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Optimized cooling fins

Optimized fin density and depth achieve the best heat dissipation design. 

High transmittance lens

Effectively reduces light attenuation, and the light usage rate reaches the leading level in its class. 

Independent electrical box

Metal corrugated pipe

Quick installation and maintenance, supports multiple,connections.It can effectively reduce power attenuation and quickly open the cover for wiring.

Adjustable module connector,
adjustable installation angle

The lamp can be adjusted at 5°and the module can be adjusted at 10°.
Prevent harsh weather from damaging wires and extend
service life.

Optional remote 
control ZG equipment

Die-cast high-strength bracket

Portable Driver box

The removable power box can be installed on the module or independently installed at a remote location, making it 
Different numbers of module brackets can be installed to adapt to different usage scenarios. 

Key Features

· The highly flexible design makes it suitable for different styles of venues, providing    high-quality lighting while complying with lighting standards for event broadcasts

· The superior thermal management system and IP66 rating maximize its service life      and reduce maintenance costs in both new build and retrofit installations.

· Multiple modules can be used in combination, and the angle of each module can      be adjusted to adapt to different lighting ranges.

· A wide range of symmetrical/asymmetrical optical lenses ensure low glare and            excellent lighting uniformity, making it exceed the requirements of various sports      venue lighting level standards;
· Wide ambient temperature tolerance range, making it suitable for use in a variety      of sports field applications and outdoor lighting applications;
· Integrated die-cast housing, IP66 dustproof and waterproof.


Optimus Pro

Symmetric and asymmetric optical available to ensure low
glaring and uniformity of lights.

Optimus Pro

Fast installation and independent module design with adjustable angle for different application and range.

Optimus Pro

Portable Driver box, with Zhaga supported adaptor

7-year warranty


This product maintains a 7 year warranty which means that Luman will replace the product if it fails or becomes defective under normal use within this time period.





The device has the ability to completely prevent dust and resist strong water jets from any direction. The product can effectively prevent impurities such as dust and sand from corroding the internal circuit. 




IK rating indicates the degree of protection against mechanical impact.



upport movie level TLCI lighting broadcasting standards for sports venues, reaching the Qa95 level.

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